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Los Angeles, CA

Super Pop Snacks makes 100% all-natural superfood snacks. We offer protein nut butter bars made with organic popped quinoa.  All of our products are Gluten, Soy, & Dairy Free. Try it today and Snack Powerfully!


Super Pop Snacks Protein Nut Butter Bars made with Organic Popped Quinoa

100% all-natural snack bars! We offer protein nut butter bars made with organic popped quinoa. Super Pop protein bars are soy free, dairy free and gluten free. A perfect snack for on the go.

A delicious crispy & creamy quinoa crunch! 

gluten free / Dairy free / soy free / No refined sugar

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I don’t call these protein bars...I call them little pieces of heaven
— Happy Fan
Still my Favorite on the go bar. I’ve been munching on these for 3 years now and nothing beats them
— @Fake_Food
Thank you so much for making these bars..we are obsessed.
— Customer
I have tried a LOT of protein bars, but these are absolutely INCREDIBLE.
— Customer
These are fantastic!! I LOVE that it is both creamy from the nut butter AND crunchy from the quinoa. I can have one for breakfast for some quick, on-the-go protein or take one in my purse or bag to have as a snack. My son and husband love them as well! Gluten, dairy and soy free are key for us! These bars are AWESOME!!!
— Amazon Customer